Punching Bag

Physicians are the emotional punching bags of society


One of my favorite issues to tackle thus far. Interestingly, I was seeing increasingly articles on how to maintain and generate empathy and kindness towards the patients. Meanwhile, I was experiencing daily a barrage of patient lashings. Something had conjured the notion that physicians deserved the lashing or could take it. I reflected objectively on what such engagements do to anyone. I can tell you getting yelled at does not ellcit compassion. I can tell you that in any engagement where you need help, kindness ellicits more help and more compassion.

This article was met with interesting comments. Again, many claimed they were being punched harder than physicians. Many felt doctors had not right to complain about the growing interactions because to do so seemed hypocritical to providing care or because physicians were themselves so well off they must come from a place of more security, more ability, more capacity, more heath, more latititudes etc.

Again, I meant to poise the consideration that kindness was best a two way street and, well, that frankly speaking kindness ellicits compassion. It’s silly to argue who is getting punched more or to speak of physicians as ultra privileged and well to do with health and power so therefore able or deserving of being punched. If we agree to a world where enagements are allowed to be attacks we will breed indifference or discourage the very possible extra aid well meaning people want to contribute. Physicians are humans. They will react to abuse. Physicians are caring. They will react to kindness.




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