Move Day

I once read a book about how to be happier. It was an energetic book and I enjoyed the first parts that I managed to read. I think after the first half where were so many tips I hadn’t implemented I just stopped reading. It had become a burden to never get to all the helpful tips properly.

One of the fine tips was “If you start a blog, write in it daily.”

That has been failing for me and as I write more and get chances to publish I am trying to blog to keep alive the momentum but also to thank those that read what I write and get immersed in the journey of story telling.

I am in the process of submitting several stories and writing a series to submit to one of the most exciting writing contest I have come across serrendipitously. I apologize for my absence for these reasons. I will post though several publications from KevinMD. that I have been fortunate to have an opportunity to write. Those writings have helped me to discern in part what I want my writing to do to the landscape of medicine and humanity.

Thank you all for reading and entering the ethos. It is nothing without you and I am just a tree falling in a forest.

Wish me luck finding happiness as I move bits over to the blog site!



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