Doctoring requires relationships

Doctoring requires developing relationships with people


This was the most retweeted post. Amongst KevinMD readers it did not generate much interest and actually the comments expressed frustration because I mentioned that sustaining phyisican-patient relationships while operating in the current structure was part of the goal. Nobler physicians rebuked the current climate refusing to accept EMR and quality metrics or Medicare QIPs citing their greater goal to sustain the purity of physician-patient relationships. Although noble and ideal, such efforts are very difficult and growingly impossible. “Because we caved!” the arguement goes. Because we caved indeed but also because the system could not sustain the abuse a few physicians exercised. So EMR and codes and quality metrics are here to stay.

My main goal was to emphasize the must simpler and truer fact that the physician- patient relationship even if studied scientifically is paramount to the whole of medicine. The point it sot not cave more and to create as we move forward a strong stance and an better guide to test policies against. If policy makers turn to physicians and says, “What if your opinion of this?” maybe phyicians can reply, “It does or does not protect the physician-patient relationship,” in the security of validation that such relationship is improtant, necessary, sacred.

I think what was exciting to see from the retweets received was that the public liked and supported the idea that they wanted intimacy and compassion and relationships. They wanted to sustain a system that gave phyisican-patient relationships a home solidly.

Society agrees. Medicine is meant to help cure isolation and ease suffering and the physician – patient relationship must be preserve to effect that.


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