Fundamental – a call to to re-present not just represent

Fundamentals – a call to re-present not just represent


What happens when the social understanding of roles and identities begin to fundamentally change? What happens when we are a huge population certainly capable of all gyrations and permutation and stumble upon corrupt and wrong and our initial reaction of shock and awakening to the ongoing awry turns in time to distrust and revamping of socially understood identities in their entirety?

Long ago there was a concept of LEADER. Someone intelligent, articulate, and courageous.Someone humble enough to ask for advice from learned and trusted and tested counsels but also strong enough to take the final responsibility to decide and execute. If that leader lead a nation and kept the values of that nation on the forefront we regarded that person as “presidential”. One day presidential became vulnerable and political and the ideology slowly died a little with each shocking discovery. A hard working public servant became a potential narcissistic demigod and tense emotions allowed lessers to pose as leaders and to stand on empty language and act out of social frustration. Society stopped looking for or believing in the due process that births a president.Society wanted instead someone that would shake a tree and beat back their hurt with hurt. The ability to compromise for long term prosperity became a trait not seen as a strength. The leaders born to be president had no where to go because the definition changed to suit a society resigned to shouting and mood swings.

“We are sick and tired,” society says.

Long ago there was a notion of SPIRITUAL LEADERS. People of kind humility and deep empathy. People with higher callings to listen and bridge the known with the unknown. Behind closed doors wicked manipulation were happening on innocent trusting souls and we lost a taste of faith or spiritual journeys with other men or women. They seemed to glow one day then over time the halo dimmed and they were all just humans with festers. Society looks now for its’ own answers and finds often what it looks to hear and see on a web of lies and half truths and some facts twisted to prove points that confuse the masses. The always find what they seek because there are an infinite truths of convenience.

“Pray for me,” society begged but turned instead to the Internet.

Long ago we stood behind the protection and safe large shadow cast by crisp uniformed officers who braved decisive moments to protect weak and innocent civilians. These POLICE OFFICERS were dutied to serve and protect. We felt they would come set the record straight and justice, justice, justice would prevail. We knew they trained for physical rigor and believed they were tested to handle the mental twists and turns of tempting corruption. Then fires shot in the night over and over while we were sleeping and we suddenly we didn’t know who to seek out or who to send our children too for aid should they get lost. We stopped believing in “being brave” or “standing tall”. No more kittens were going to be saved.

“Don’t loose your way while coming to the rescue,” society glares.

Long ago there were TEACHERS. Schooled in not just information but in the gentle ability to transfer it to another eager to learn or challenged to receive and grow. They were our orators and writers and passers of humanities accumulated insights. Then they we seen as abusing sacred guidance and harming innocence. They were cast in the light of not as energetic and enthusiastic engagers of the mind but rather responsible for why some can’t or won’t learn. They were to blame when ignorance and division was stronger than intellect and acceptance.

“Learning can be done on our own and for our own end,” society challenged.

Long ago we hurt and we would make our way to the trusted healer and bleed and moan and share our secrets in exchange for help. “Help, I feel awful. I am dying. Help,”society exposed. The HEALER tested over and over by noble healers before would try to fix and aid. There was respect and a trade. There was a journey and end points to suffering if only to find a way before death with dignity. The healer was born of a natural desire to care and a truer energy to make right broken things or make broken things beautiful. Then we found the healer had wounds and had wants and had corruption in places. The new healers were born unsure where they fit because healing had vanished as a calling. All that was left was distrust and a growing identity of technician waiting to bait and sink an already cast away ship.

“I will doctor myself,” society rebuked.

Long ago or not so long ago this was or is happening.When society is allowed to forget what makes another reach to be a president, a spiritual conduit, a police officer, a school teacher, a doctor we lose the very making of the identity that has forever defined some into these roles. These born attributes and identities have serve to stabilize society. There is an origin in their iteration.

As a physician we must represent ourselves as people of noble calling. We must remind society of our rigor and self sacrifice to attain the honor of healer. We must take back this fraternity and not reduce the identity of doctoring to the few failings of our large and capable bell curve. We remain a group highly selected and tested over and over for resilience, dependability, and full follow through. We are not Gods but we are not meek or easily replaceable. A doctor is not by nature a coward with no answers and no compassion waiting to prey on the weak and unknowing. Neither is a president an imposter or a filibuster who aggrandizes before an emotional frustrated gathering. Neither is a clergyman or woman who holds hands and bows a head to pray a charlatans who sells flattery and fraudulent authority to take advantage of innocent sheep. Neither is a police officer who trained to take a bullet looking for a fight to assert ego over insecurity. Neither does a teacher teach for just one within society but rather teaches to encase a society and transport it forward in revolutions. The fundamental truth lies more in what society originally meant these roles to look like and be filled with. The persona comes into the identity and we name it. The persona still stands despite the doubts. We must stand to remind society what the original design sought out. Doctors are healers. They care. They didn’t fool hundreds of other doctors. They do not repeatedly fool their fellow man. They often can’t help themselves but care. It is the nature of a doctor and doctors select and breed these attributes.

We must re – present and represent this image or lose slowly the reality itexists at all. We must maintain the truth of our fraternity as we should the truer identity of those other roles we build our society on.


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